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O Símbolo Perdido: críticas (1)

Crítica no The Guardian: «Brown has no pretensions to being Umberto Eco, and his earlier books are endearingly goofy. Angels and Demons, in particular, resembles a demented, home-made approximation of ruthlessly commercial would-be Hollywood product rather than the genuine article. Brown didn't seem to be talking down cynically to his intended audience or taking himself and Langdon too seriously. The new book makes enjoyable use of both a blacked-out laboratory and a pickled giant squid, but even Brown has trouble working up wonder at discovering that the Masons like mucking around with skulls. Massive success, and the attention it brings, haven't done much for his sense of fun; perhaps the book would have benefited from a few more such lines as "This guy eluded the French police ... in loafers?