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Livros. Notícias. Rumores. Apontamentos.

... e em LA.

Também o Los Angeles Times destaca o livro de José Eduardo Agualusa:


«This novel is narrated by a gecko, that's to say by a lizard, who also happens to be the reincarnated spirit of Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges. Well: Some writers like to play for high stakes. From this conceit Agualusa weaves a gorgeous and intricate story about a man who trades in memories, selling people pasts to help reinvent their futures. Set in Angola, the tale darts to and fro with the swiftness of a step over by soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. There's a murder mystery here, and not only a meditation on the nature of memory. Agualusa's deftness and lightness of touch means we buy into the strange setup with scarcely a blink. He's a young master.»



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