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Lobo Antunes no NYT

«Like Anton Chekhov, William Carlos Williams and Moacyr Scliar, Mr. Lobo Antunes belongs to that select group of writers who are also doctors — a psychiatrist, to be more precise, who himself served in a field hospital in Angola. But the novelist-doctor he probably most resembles is Louis-Ferdinand Céline, whose “Journey to the End of the Night” is also a grotesque reflection on the horror of war and the failure of European imperialism in Africa. Mr. Lobo Antunes has even told of how, as a teenager, he experienced such “bedazzlement” from reading Céline’s “Death on the Installment Plan” that he wrote a letter to that misanthropic Frenchman, who, to his credit, responded with, he recalled, “immense tenderness.”» Excerto de um texto de Larry Rother sobre a mais recente tradução (feita pela premiada Margaret Jull Costa) de um dos primeiros livros de António Lobo Antunes: Os Cus de Judas.

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