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Atwood sobre e-books.

Entrevista com Margaret Atwood, na Literary Review – e a sua opinião sobre os e-books: «A similar thing happened with the invention of the printing press, and also with the invention of the paperback. With the invention of the printing press, everybody thought it was the end of the world because the masses were going to get literate, which they then did. They started reading the Bible and breaking off from the Roman Catholic Church, and there were a lot of religious wars. Then came the eighteenth century, which was an age when literacy was spreading very quickly indeed and novel reading took off. There was actually a novel-reading mania! Every time there is a new medium, people get hypnotised by it. You remember what happened with radio, which fuelled the rise of a certain kind of dictator. And then what happened with the television, when people really did sit mesmerised in front of their television sets with TV dinners on their TV tables, eating as they watched. Every time there is a new thing like this it 1) rivets people and 2) upsets people who think it's the end of the world. It isn't ever quite the end of the world. It's certainly a change in the world, which then somehow adapts.»