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A última entrevista de Bolaño


John Lennon, Lady Di or Elvis Presley?

The Pogues. Or Suicide. Or Bob Dylan. Well, but let’s not be pretentious: Elvis forever. Elvis and his golden voice, with a sheriff’s badge, driving a Mustang and stuffing himself full of pills.

What do you wish to do before dying?

Nothing special. Well, clearly I’d prefer not to die. But sooner or later the distinguished lady arrives. The problem is that sometimes she’s neither a lady nor very distinguished, but, as Nicanor Parra says in a poem, she’s a hot wench who will make your teeth chatter no matter how fancy you think you are.

What kinds of feelings do posthumous works awaken in you?

Posthumous: It sounds like the name of a Roman gladiator, an unconquered gladiator. At least that’s what poor Posthumous would like to believe. It gives him courage.


Excerto da última entrevista de Roberto Bolaño, publicada na versão mexicana da Playboy e desde hoje em inglês em The Last Interview & Other Conversations (Melville House Publishing). Ilustração de João Fazenda criada para a LER (edição de Outubro).